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3D Modeler   3D Environment Artist   2D/3D Animator


About Me

Katie is a current full-time 3D modeler at Webstaurant, as well as a recent graduate from the Cleveland Institute of Art, receiving her Bachelors of Fine Arts in animation.

Katie specializes in 3D Modeling, 2D/3D Animation, and 3D Environment Design.

She held a summer '20, spring '21, and summer '21 internship position with the NASA Glenn Research Center GVIS Department.

Katie also has credits in classes such as Illustration, Graphic Design, Storyboarding, Character Development, and Screenwriting.

Katie has a passion for molding beautiful scenes, characters, and stories in a way that touches all and leaves a lasting impact. Being able to have your work inspire another or touch them personally is one of her biggest goals.

Photo By Rob Muller

About Me
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